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Need a physical exam for work, school, or DOT compliance? Don’t sweat it. At Simplicity Health & Wellness, we make the process smooth, efficient, and, dare we say, enjoyable. You’ll forget you’re even at a medical facility in our soothing, spa-like environment.

Why Opt for Our Physical Exam Services?

We value your time and aim to make your visit as efficient as possible. Our streamlined appointment system minimizes wait time, and our experienced medical staff conducts thorough exams that meet and exceed regulatory standards. Whether it’s a quick check for school or a detailed DOT physical, we’ve got it handled.

Comprehensive Physical Exams Tailored for You

Choose from a range of physical exams designed to fit specific needs:

DOT Physicals

Get DOT-compliant quickly and hassle-free. Our certified medical examiners follow FMCSA guidelines to a T, ensuring you’re road-ready in no time. We handle all the essentials like vision and hearing tests, blood pressure checks, and even urine analysis, so you don’t have to make multiple stops. Plus, if any issues arise, our skilled team is ready with immediate interventions to help you swiftly meet compliance standards. Don’t let paperwork slow you down; get road-ready with confidence at Simplicity Health & Wellness.

Work Physicals

Pre-employment or annual work physicals can be a breeze. We cover all the basics and the particulars: vision tests, hearing tests, and specific screenings required by your employer. With flexible scheduling and a streamlined process, we’ll have you in, out, and on your way to achieving your career goals.

More Than Just a Checkup

While you’re here, why not make the most of it? Our medical team can offer valuable lifestyle tips and preventative care advice, making your physical exam more than just a checkbox on your to-do list.

School & Sports Physicals

Whether it’s back-to-school or sports season, we ensure your kids are healthy and set to participate. We also offer specialized physicals for college students entering healthcare and medical programs. With quick turnaround times and thorough evaluations, we aim to make these mandatory checkups as convenient as possible for busy families.

Records, Delivered

After your physical, we promptly furnish you with all the necessary documentation, either in print or electronically, thanks to our advanced Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. The EMR capability ensures secure storage and allows for seamless sharing of your medical data. We can send reports directly to your employer, school, or compliance office, eliminating intermediary delays.

Ready to knock out that mandatory physical?

Make an appointment with Simplicity Health & Wellness for a hassle-free, comprehensive exam. Trust us. You’ll be in and out before you know it. Book today.